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Most Frequent Help Issues

Register and Purchase errors
How to repair your Faulkner Account.
Issues with Logging into the Faulkner Online Account
How to repair or retrieve your Faulkner Account information.
Errors with security settings while installing the Courseware
Step by step directions for downloading and installing Courseware with security interference.
Try/Buy/Use - unable to type my name and registration information
Step by step directions for personalizing the installed Courseware.
Try/Buy/Use - repeats and Improper Shut Down of the Courseware
Step by step directions for properly closing a dialogue window or Courseware.
'No Operating System Found' Error
Chromebook Use.
Script Error, Director Player Error, or Missing Files
Step by step directions for reinstalling the Courseware.
How to use the Courseware Assessment Window
Step by step directions on how to use the Assessment Window section of the Courseware.
What do I do if 'the test code is no longer available'
Issues with the assessment process.
Submit Practice or Resubmit Exam Work
How to send Practice Work and resubmit an online Test or Exam Score from the Courseware to your online Faulkner Account.
Missing scores on the Faulkner myAccount grade site
How to send Practice Work and resubmit an Exam Score from the courseware to your Faulkner Account.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my Registration Codes?

Your registation codes are located in your Faulkner Press account. Log in to your account. Registration and Serial Key codes are on the front page. If you do not have a Faulkner Press account you will need to purchase the courseware.

I lost or forgot my Faulkner Username or Password.

Use the forgot password feature to have an email sent to the email address you registered with us. The forgot password email includes your username and password.

How do I install the Courseware?

Log in to your Faulkner Press account and click on Software Downloads from the red box on the left. Follow the steps on the Software Download page.

How do I download the Sony Jazz music?

Please visit the music download page for music download instructions.

Can I install the Courseware to another computer or to more than one machine?

Yes. You purchased registration codes. Use the same registration codes on your Faulkner account to install the courseware. Watch the Installing Courseware Video.

PRINTING - How can I print from the Courseware?

You CANNOT print from the courseware. You are also not able to copy or paste to or from the courseware. This is by design.

I am not "online" to take an exam

The software checks for the news and events when it starts up and if it can't get them it assumes the software is not online. It will not allow you to take an exam if the software is not online. The solution to this "problem" is to restart the software while connected to the internet. If that does not solve the issue, reconfigure your virus/firewall software to allow our software access to the internet.

I am Missing Scores on My Faulkner Account

Resubmit the Score or Scores from the courseware. View the video on how to Resubmit Scores.


You have 60 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. Refunds are given when you are no longer enrolled in the course for which the product is utilized. No refunds are given after grades are awarded. To request a refund open your email and locate the invoice order email. The invoice order is emailed to the email address that was used to create the Faulkner account. You can also check your spam inbox for the invoice email. Once you have located your invoice email, reply back to the email saying you want to cancel the order and you MUST change the subject line to read "REFUND". We will review the request and if granted cancel the order which will void your registration codes and refund the transaction.

About FAQ

We have provided the most common questions asked in the FAQ

Although we believe the most common questions asked are in the FAQ that does not mean every question is answered. For more detailed answers follow one of the Help Videos displayed on the right. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please send an email to us at questions@faulknerpress.com.

Help Videos

Register & Purchase Video
Step by step directions for purchasing, registering, and installing Courseware.
Installing Courseware
Step by step directions for downloading and installing Courseware
Navigating Courseware
A walk-through guide for Navigating the Courseware
Assessment Window
Assessment Window section of the Navigating Courseware video
Send Practice Work
How to send Practice Work scores to your Faulkner Account.
Resubmit Exams
How to resubmit an Exam Score from the courseware to your Faulkner Account.
Reinstall Courseware
How to reinstall and install the course
Install to Flash Drive
How to install the Courseware to a Flash drive.