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    Faulkner Press understands what educators and administrators need in the emerging world of online education because Faulkner Press has learned this business the old-fashioned way... by building it from the ground up. Founded by educators more than a decade ago, Faulkner Press now routinely supports instructors and professors teaching thousands of students per semester using the highest quality online interactive software in the most secure server environment. Where other companies outsource their problems and depend on software developed for other purposes, Faulkner Press deploys integrated solutions, developed in-house, tested and proven successful, from the initial listing of the course to the return of final grades.

  • Quality

    Instructors adopt Faulkner Press products just as they would adopt any textbook to be used in their courses, and students may purchase the Faulkner Press product just as they would purchase any other textbook. Administrators need allocate no extra resources to support the class, because Faulkner Press provides secure and reliable computer server support without charge. Versed in federal privacy law and familiar with massive simultaneous demand for access during examinations, Faulkner Press is vetted by experience.

  • Price

    The cost of a Faulkner Press product to students is very competitive in the market for online courses and college textbooks, even when discounting the amount a student may recover when the student is able to resell a textbook to the bookstore. In fact, there is really no comparison if Faulkner Press products are stacked up against textbooks including a comparable number of color images, which can run the price of a textbook up to twice or three times the cost of a Faulkner Press product.

  • Service

    But of course, no textbook can provide what Faulkner Press provides. Carefully designed pedagogical software integrates text and images along with audio and video presentations, mini-lectures and interactive activities, all leading to practice exercises and online exams. Extensive vibrant and timely hyperlinks allow for aggressive readers to follow their interests, while a "no-brainer" user interface allows every student to review the course material at their own pace.

Deferment Demo

When the Courseware is in Deferment Demo Mode you will only have access to the first three topics (readings, presentations, and practice questions) of the course.

You will not have access to any (graded) online exams and the practice work you do will not be saved. In Deferment Demo Mode the courseware is installed only for one use, you will need to reinstall if you wish to use it again.

Help and Support

Accessing the Demo:

  • 1. Select the Electronic Product from the Catalogue.
  • 2. Download and Save the courseware file to your computer.
  • 3. Open the file after the download has finished.
  • 4. Click on the Deferment Demo button in the lower left hand corner of the Application Assistant.